Hiring the Right Mold Removal Service in New York City

As a city near the sea and with the damp weather for a bigger period of the year, the residents of New York have to contend with mold infestations now and again.  Many of the neighborhoods in the city are quite aged making the buildings vulnerable to leaks and cracks. Mold growth persists as a problem mainly because the removal is not professionally done in many cases. Through removal of mold requires a professional mold removal service. How do you go about getting the best removal service for a proper job?

Mold Removal Service NYC

Identify what you need

You need to explain the problem clearly to take to the company;

  • Testing – what is the extent of the mold growth and damage?
  • Water intrusion– where is the water coming from? Has the HVAC system been inspected. Mold growth will reoccur as long as there is a water intrusion problem.
  • Mold removal/remediation – after fixing the water intrusion, the mold can then be removed or remediated

To make the correct identification, you should be able to understand where mold grows and how it grows. Mold grow where there is constant dampness and where air flow is limited. Materials that have cellulose are primary targets. Wood products, gypsum boards, studs, and ceiling tiles are surfaces that are vulnerable to mold growth.

The most common places to look for mold growth are attics, crawl spaces, basements, window sills, corner carpets, refrigerator pans, washing machines, dish stands, and kitchen cabinets among others.  Spaces that encounter water and any moisture will be vulnerable to mold growth.

Picking the company

Picking out the best company to do a proper job in a timely manner can be done by following some basic steps;

Picking quotes

For the best comparison, pick at least three quotes from different companies. The quotes should be detailed on tasks, time, and costs. Each company should detail how it intends to carry out the tasks and what added benefits it can give.  Will the company do water damage restoration as part of controlling mold growth for example?

The lowest quote will not necessarily be the best. You will have to consider time and other issues such as discounts.

Apart from the quote, other issues to consider when picking the company will be;

Professionalism – How professional is the company in handling clients? Did they bother