Welcome to my Blog! I hope you enjoy it!

Hey Everyone. This is Barry.  How are you doing? I am so glad that you found this blog. I know there are so many blogs on the Internet that you can read, so I am glad that you found this one.

I am not going to try and make this the only blog that you go to. I just want to concentrate on my little area, that this is deals here on Long Island.

Yea, I know, if you don’t live here on Long Island than this blog is worthless. Well probably, but who knows. Maybe what I show will be a national brand or service and you will still get some value out of my site.

I am also going to inject a little humor and some musings of everyday life. Who doesn’t want to hear about my neighbor’s life

Do you actually believe that I am going to speak about mine on this blog? Hey, if I am going to make fun of someone, it is not going to be me or my family.

Just kidding, everything is fair game. I do not have an issue in taking potshots at myself!

I think that having one place for someone to look for deal, instead of looking at every friggin pennysaver and newspaper can be ridiculous.  Now I will not be posting every deal in here, just only the good ones.

I also comment on some of my travels, since that is what I like to do.

I have been all over the world. I have been to Pakistan and Africa and Panama, plus many other places.

I truly enjoy traveling because you really get out of your comfort zone is it comes with dealing with people.  So many times we are so used to our environments that we never go out and experience other people and cultures.

I am not referring to going to tourist areas. While I do that too, I also like to go out and go off the main tourists paths. I love to hangout with the locals and really interact with them.

Now since I only know the English language that can be a bit of a pain. I am learning French at the moment. I think afterwards I will learn Italian and maybe German afterwards.

So going back to the deals of the day or the deals of the week.  We are all looking to see how we can stretch our dollar and make it go as far as possible.

Doing that does not mean you do not have two nickels to scratch. A lot of millionaires are always looking for the best deals when it comes to all of their purchases.

Sometimes and erroneously, they are referred to as cheapskates. But what is so great about the millionaire mindset is that you fought so hard to make your money, you don’t just want to give it away.

So get ready and stay tuned for all of my musing and really cool ways to save many bucks.

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