Save 50 bucks off a Cesspool Service Inspection

Getting Cesspool Service is one of those things in home maintenance that sometimes you do not think about to often. Usually the only time it actually comes into your mind is when you have last nights dinner trying to say hello when your subterranean sewer system back up. I am glad I found Cesspool Service Long Island, to help me out of my smelly situation and save me some money.

Save Some Money

Hey, this is your good buy person Barry. Now, I did not have this unpleasant surprise that happen to me. I have been pretty fortunate to have a really solid home. One of the things I did when I purchased it many years ago was to make sure that not only I bought it worry free, but that also proper cesspool maintenance had been performed.

See, here is Suffolk County, Long Island, cesspool and septic systems are the norm. In Nassau County, sewers are by far the most prevalent, but here in the stix, we do not have such a luxury.

Also, depending on when your house was built is what kind of system you have. The older your home is, the more likely you just have a system was just has the cesspools and that’s it.

This was prone more to problems and needed more cesspool maintenance because the tanks would fill up rather quickly.

In more recent times home in Suffolk County have a more complete septic system. This reduced the need for cesspool and septic pumping. Now cesspools take the place of being an overflow system, while the septic tank and the rest of the system really does the brunt of the work.

So, with my minor mishap in mind, I decided to do what most people currently do and that is to, do online and start to search for a reputable cesspool service company.

This may bit of a duanting task because a lot of them either had so-so reviews or just completely got bashed up one side of the head and down the other with some of the most rancid reviews that have ever been displayed on terra firma.

That was the great thing of the Yellow Pages. You remember those books that were dropped off maybe once every 2 years. Were I lived we would also get yearly’s of a different typo of telephone directory called the Yellobook.

Yellowbook was a bit more local to the area that you lived in. I do believe there was one that was also county wide.

Anyway, the great thing about them is that you would not see all of the negative reviews you see now shown in great supply for the vast amount of companies that have the unfortunate pleasure of existing in an age when people can hide behind a keyboard.

You were forced to ask your friends and neighbors, who would they recomend, to do a particular service that you needed. Now we believe as gospel the rantings of a gaggle of Internet lunatics that have nothing better to do then to see how many likes they get on their horrid posts.

So, while I did look online to get an idea of which cesspool pumping service was available in my area, I did ask my plethora of real friends that I have accumulated over the years of actual social engagement.

What was surprising to me is that I heard multiple mentions of Cesspool Service Long Island. Usually when I ask for referrals, I hear of a  company, once or maybe twice.

Not for this long island cesspool company. All I kept hearing from neighbors and even on yelp and google interview was how hard they tried and succeeded in doing a great job.

What is so noticeable about this, is that cesspool pumping or just standard septic service maintenance is something people can really be please about. This is something that is very personal, so I had to believe that this septic tank cleaning company actually had their stuff on the ball.

So they guys of Cesspool Service Long Island arrived to check my system. To say they 2 techs were nice is really an understatement. It seems as if these guys go through customer service training of some sort, of they are just the nicest guys.

After a quick video inspection the only thing that was need was septic tank pumping. It had been a while since it was done. After that along with TLC and cesspool cleaning, my toilet was working the way it should.

Plus did I mention they gave me 50 dollars off for being a new customer?

So, if you live in Suffolk County Long Island, and you Septic System is given you a hard time, give Cesspool Service Long Island a call.


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