Huge Savings In the Beginning of the Fork

The Long Island for that this. That central city that straddles the mouth of the Great Peconic Bay.

Riverhead L.I., the home of “Splish Splash” is actually also home to some of the best deals here in Suffolk County.

Discount Shopping-Tanger

It is a place were you first go to your local back branch and drain your bank account.

The night before the venture, you are busy salivating of all of the deals, that can only come down from heaven, which will be bestowed on you.

We are talking about the nirvana of discount shopping here on Long Island.

We are talking about the “The Tanger Outlets” in Ronkonkoma.

Just taking a day trip to the outlets is something worthy of anyone’s diary.

There are so many stores that cover a whole range of good at the outlets.

I always have found good deals there and truly have not regretted any purchases I have made.

That being said, that is not to say that you cannot find good deals locally. I am on every outlet and store mailing list to make sure that I get my share of coupons and alerts to the best deals around.

I have an ingrained attitude inside of me that I just do not pay retail for anything.

Retailers always have a set profit margin they would like to see during normal business periods.

Basically, I call that “Sucker time”. I love my money and I work hard to get it. Why do I need to give out any extra to someone or for something if I can get it cheaper?

Well, if you have saved your hard earned pennies, the Tanger Outlets is the place to go.

This place has to be the Disney of shopping. There has to be over a 100 stores offering anything you can possible think of.

So many offering at below retail price. Did heaven just come down to earth.

Yea, I may be taking saving money way to serious, but that is why I have money to spend on other things

So, while saving money and getting a good deal may not be a religion, but is it?

A religion is something you follow strictly and I strictly try to save as much money as possible.

The cool thing is that Tanger love is not only restricted to Riverhead. The gods of shopping new that this could not last. The people of Long Island would not rest until another utopia of shopping was established at a place which would allow the rest of the populace of Suffolk County enjoy of the discount goodness.

That is when Tanger opened a bunch of new outlets in Deer Park, NY. Wow, what we had all been waiting for.

No longer did the masses needed to plan the journey for shopping at deep discounts.

Now we could turn our eyes at a place that was better positioned to server all of our desires to save money on all of purchases.

What is even better that there is a truly kick ass theater there. The Regal 16 at Deer Park.

Not only do these theaters have nice leather seats, but at least some of the theaters are IMAX.

Since these outlets, I have been there many times not only to buy clothes and home goods at a deep discount, but I have seen a few movies in 3D and in IMAX.

Plus there is a Johnny Rockets there. Though, it does not have the same pull with me as it used to, I still enjoyed eating a burger there just for the pure nostalgia.

So whether you choose Tanger in Riverhead or in Deer Park, You are bound to find what you are looking for at a really good discount.


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