A Tree Removal Service in Florida that Saves Dollars

I have a penchant to save money whenever I can. I am always looking for coupons and special promotions for any type of product and service that I may purchase.

When I learn of something, which is always, I will post it on this site.

Well, even in the “Sunshine State” you can save more than a few buck if you are savvy enough

That is what I experienced with Sebring Tree Service (http://www.sebringtreeservice.com/).


Florida is the in the bullseye of Mother Natures Hurricane conga line. Actually for the past few years it has not been too bad. But for a while there, it was definitely Armageddon in the land of Mickey.

So it is not properly preposterous to consider that you may need a really good tree service that can do trimming to those fragile branches that want to place a an unwanted sunroof on your house.

I took my a long time to get a winter home their. I love the fact that I can skip the best Old man winter has to offer on Long Island.

The past couple of winters has been quite brutal. There is no amount of penance that can be done to prevent the disastrous inevitability of a horrendous winter.

So, the only thing I can do is go to my winter home in Sebring Florida.

Never heard of it? Well, it is not like it is the most popular place on the planet. It is South of the I4 stretch from Tampa to Orlando on Highway 27, south of Lake Wales.

Not exactly a vacation spot but definitely much quieter then the big city. I could escape the shackles of winter and live out my escape.

The only thing that I cannot escape though is the potential of a tree falling during one of Florida’s many hurricanes. Now while one has not occurred in a few years, at the time of this posting, you do not want wait till you get that ominous warning that one is sneaking it’s way to the peninsula.

So, did look at the look newspapers here in highlands county. Yea, this place is still a bit in the back woods. You do not find much of anyone online, but as long as I could find them, then that is OK.

So I gave the folks at Sebring Tree Service a call. Well, I actually took a look at a few.

They are so country bumpkin, these folks! But I guess that is what is so cool about living down here for part of the year.  I just love the earthiness of everyone here.

It is just a low slower pace then up in the big city, or the big island.

So, anyway, the guys at Sebring Tree Service are really great. We spoke extensively of the Tree Trimming that needed to be done before the new hurricane season arrived.

Since I have such a large property, we had to figure out what the the best method of tree removal after we cut down the ones that were just too much of a danger.

All in all, the job was done, and done very well. I definitely would recommend these guys to anyone who lives in Highlands County Florida.


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